Start Date: 18 May 2020

What is Xtra-Fit?

At FitLife we encourage living a fit and healthy lifestyle, so even though we run 8 week challenges/programmes at a time, we still believe that one should try and continue living this way of life. If you want your results to last then changing your lifestyle to include some consistent exercise is key.

This is why we have created Xtra-Fit, to keep you going in between challenges, to keep your hard earned results, to keep you fit!

So… for the two weeks between challenges you can come and train with us, same time, same place.

What is nice about Xtra-Fit is that we do some fun training techniques slightly different to the challenge to keep things interesting as well.

Come give it a try, don’t just get fit… LIVE FIT!


With Xtra-Fit you have a choice of 2 sessions or 3 sessions per week. Please see times below.

Online Time Slots:

Classes will be 45 mins to 1 hour long.

Information & Pricing


2 Times a week: Rs1,500

3 Times a week: Rs2000

*** Classes are limited. First come first serve. ***

Payment Options

  • Transfer to MCB Acc No: 000446562440
  • Cash to be paid to Grant on arrangement

Message From Your Coach:

Whilst this is a group training service, I will provide individual attention, as I understand everyone is unique. I will assist in the classes to modify exercises to suit your capabilities, and to help you improve over time so you can dominate future classes!

As your coach, I will provide you with a professional and top quality training service, and I’ll motivate and support you throughout the challenge. Through exercise, form, nutrition and lifestyle changes, we will ensure you achieve your goals.

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Coach Grant

Terms of Service

 Terms and Conditions

  1. You cannot use Xtra-fit classes to make up sessions lost in the challenge.
  2. However if you miss an Xtra-Fit class you may make this up in the next challenge!